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God’s Truth About Love

What experiences, lessons, beliefs, and unawareness have formed your current definition of love? How does your definition differ from God’s? Would you like to know how love got so twisted? Discover God’s truth about love and be empowered to love others as Jesus loves you.


4 Reasons You Saw a Prince Instead of a Beast

To find someone who loves and cherishes you is not only a woman’s desire but one of her core needs. The need to be loved not only drives women, but it can blind them to the disguised beasts in the world. Discover what other factors can deceive you and lure you into the cycle of abuse and domestic violence. Arm yourself with God’s truth and find healing through God’s transforming grace. Partner with Jesus and discover his plan for your future and how to live safe, secure, and loved.


7 Habits of Christian Women Living on the Healed Side of Abuse

To permanently change the circumstances of your life as a Christian you must begin at the heart of the personal relationship you have with Jesus Christ. Do you know the heart, character, and values of the Jesus you claim to follow? What are your Biblical rights and responsibilities in your faith? What is preventing you from moving to the healed side of abuse? Discover how to partner with Jesus and live in his principles to live on the healed side of abuse through God’s transforming grace. In Christ’s abundance, you can live safe, secure and loved.


 4 Steps to Begin Healing by Breaking the Silence

73% of abused women are harrassed at work and 21 to 60% lose their job due to reasons stemming from abuse. Learn how to incorporate help from counselors, pastors, health caregivers and employers to establish a safe environment to pursue a successful career and build financial security to end abuse and live safe, secure and loved. Take charge of your emotional and financial condition as you learn to partner with Jesus to move to the heald side of abuse through God’s transforming grace.


God’s Cure for Abuse and Domestic Violence in the Church

One out of every three women in a church is currently dealing with or has dealt with the pain and devastation of abuse and domestic violence. However, it is the least talked about subject in churches. It is time to live up to being a follower and disciple of Jesus Christ. It is time to follow the direct command of Jesus Christ, “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” John 13:34-35 NIV. Discover God’s truth about love and what that looks like for a Christian marriage, for both victims and abusers. Partner with Jesus and empower victims and abusers to be healed and live safe, secure and loved.


Philosophy of Speaking


I love to see the minds and hearts of people open to the transforming grace of Jesus as I share God’s renewing truths and the life wisdom He revealed to me from the heartaches of my life. It is amazing to see a new light of hope in the audience’s eyes and their bodies relax when they realize they are not alone and someone understands.

The audience can grasp and absorb God’s truths when they are present in the life of someone who has walked in their shoes and has overcome. Jesus himself used the powerful combination of real life stories and scripture to bring revelation, understanding, wisdom, forgiveness, and healing transformation into people’s everyday lives.

I use these same principles to show your audience that a believer’s healing and journey of faith in Jesus Christ, is one of willingness to progressively move forward, not one of performance and perfection. Your audience will walk away knowing as they partner with Jesus they are never alone, they can find healing through God’s transforming grace, and they will know God’s truth about love so they can live safe, secure, and loved.

If you want your audience to know God’s truth about love and move to the healed side of abuse and domestic violence, contact me now for your next event!