Are you Ready for a Rejuvenating Get Away?

There is nothing like time away from the demands and responsibilities of your life especially when you are in an abusive relationship as a Christian. Jesus himself went away to pray and to rest with his Father God. If Jesus needed to rest, then we need to follow his example.

One of the blessings God created in women is our ability to rejuvenate one another when we gather. Sharing our stories, laughing until we cry, and letting others help us through our pain is God’s blessing for us.

It warms God’s heart and mine when I have the opportunity to share the transforming grace of God with you at your unique Get Away. I bring the powerful combination of story and scripture with real life applications. Each rejuvenating get away is designed with times of God’s truth, life wisdom, rest, self-reflection, and interaction. Let me help your group discover the truth about God’s love amidst their abuse and domestic violence. Give them the opportunity to have their heart’s renewed and their feet set on God’s path to healing through His transforming grace. Once women rest and find new strength by God’s love and truth they are unstoppable!

Let me help you rejuvenate your group from one of my current topics. If you have a specific need in mind, feel free to contact me to personalize a topic for your group. I encourage you to pray as we mutually seek what God wants to bring to your group to ensure they know they can live safe, secure and loved. Contact me now to book a date!

Most Requested Retreat Themes

  • God’s Truth About Love Amidst Your Abusive Relationship

    How did you end up in an abusive relationship even though you love God? What does God want you to do? How can you decide what is best? Discover God’s answers to these core questions at the heart of Christian women caught in the talons of domestic violence. You can find His wisdom in your circumstance and live safe, secure and loved.

  • 9 Spiritual Fruits of Healing

    God’s healing is not dependent on our circumstances. Discover how to partner with Jesus and be healed no matter where you are at in your abusive relationship. Allow Jesus to lead and guide your steps and your future to live safe, secure and loved.

  • From Broken to Beautiful

    Your past or current circumstances do not determine your value or future when you are a daughter of the Creator of the universe. Discover how to partner with Jesus and find healing through God’s transforming grace. Let Jesus show you how to let go of all the broken pieces of your heart so they can be redesign into God’s masterpiece. Discover how much God loves and cherishes your unique beauty through His eyes and be healed through His transforming grace.