These three words make it possible for whosoever believes and accepts Jesus as their Savior, to have a new heart, mind, and life. Only the promise of God and the sacrifice of Jesus made it possible for the spirit of Jesus to live in us and transform us.

Our blessing did not come easily or without the ultimate cost for Jesus. Even though Jesus was fully God, he was also fully man. He lived in an imperfect body with every emotion and the power to choose. Before Jesus was arrested, tortured, and crucified, he asked God to take this horrible crucifixion experience from him three times. The Bible does not say if God answered him. Instead, we see the internal anguish of Jesus as he sweats drops of blood.

On the cross, Jesus resisted the urge to call down angels to rescue him. Jesus knew only he, a perfect, sinless man, could pay for all the sins of man for eternity. Only his grace could give you and me the opportunity to choose to dwell with God now and forever. Jesus trusted God no matter what he felt or thought as he hung on the cross in excruciating pain overwhelmed in all the sins of man. The last few minutes of his crucifixion were the darkest for him and God on earth.

The moment Jesus gave up his spirit and took his last breath was the darkest moment for his disciples. They were overwhelmed by the crucifixion of Jesus. Their imperfect minds could not reconcile all the miracles they had experienced through Jesus in the last three years with his torture and execution. Their hopes were crushed, and now they were unsure of the faith they had placed in Jesus.

However, God was not going to leave His children hopeless, confused, and powerless. It was time for God to demonstrate His redeeming love, power, mercy, and forgiveness available to all who believe Jesus is His son. God sent His angels to break all the man-made ropes and seals surrounding the tomb of Jesus and to roll the stone away from the entrance. In all God’s glory, Jesus walked out of his burial tomb resurrected for all eternity. Jesus is alive!

Not only is Jesus alive in the heavens but he dwells in all those who have chosen to follow him. Easter is the time to celebrate the pure unconditional love, grace, and mercy Jesus poured out for every person. Jesus, our Lord, and King showed us what pure love is. Now it is time to show him our love and gratefulness and share the gospel on all the other days of the year. When you are a child of God, you have nothing to fear. Be courageous because the same power that raised Jesus from the dead lives in you!

“I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live,” John 11:25 NIV