“Truly I tell you, unless you change and become likelittle children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18:3

Yesterday a young boy in the produce isle politely asked his Mom for gram crackers. His Mom agreed to pick them up because he’d made a good snack choice. She told him they had twenty isles to go through before they would find them so he would need to be patient. The boy was delighted and energized at his Mom’s approval and began to count the isles as they shopped. He continually thanked his Mom for the crackers and stated a long list of people he would share them with. After hearing his thankful anticipation for six isles his Mom made a bee line or the twentieth isle. I saw them ten minutes later. The boy was quiet and grinning ear to ear holding his treasure box of gram crackers. I don’t know if his Mom wore down from the constant confession of the boy’s faith or if she was overjoyed at the thankful anticipation of his faith, but the reality was she chose to bless her son sooner than he expected. The boy believed he would receive the crackers because his mother said so. He spoke with a believing grateful heart in happy anticipation AS he moved forward and he was blessed.
This young boy illustrated what we must do to release our faith to receive our answers or blessing God promised us in His word. Our loving Father walks along side us everywhere just waiting for the right heart and faith to be present to bless us.
Sadly more often I see children and adults throwing fits, whining, and complaining in hopes to wear down or manipulate the person in authority. The result is usually no, not now, not ever, or a spanking. In the Old Testament the Israelites wandered around in the desert for forty years because of their lack of gratitude, belief/faith, and disobedience. They were determined to live life their way and only a chosen few ever received the blessing of the Promised Land.  
Our personal relationship with Christ is a process. He asks us to trust him and not the people, circumstance, situation, or feelings in our life. I would like to challenge you to confess from the depths of a sincere heart the following prayer every morning and evening for thirty days and share with me what happens.
God thank you for your love and sacrifice that has blessed me with your mercy, grace, and love I need for this day. Thank you for your protection, wisdom, guidance, and strength. I believe you are working in my life no matter how I feel or if I can’t see it. I surrender my will to you and ask you to guard your son/daughter and help me release my faith through my words and actions to shine your light of hope and joy. Help me shine bright for your glory! Amen