Are you the author of your life?

Will your life story end with happily-ever -after?

God created you as an imperfect person with free will in a fragmented world. You are faced with responsibilities, requirements, and challenges every day. You struggle to stay in the present moment amidst the busyness and information overload in the world. But as a child of God, the devil’s evil darkness can always be shattered by the brilliant love, grace, and truth of God when you walk hand in hand with Jesus throughout your day.

If your current life story is not being penned with the victory and power of the Holy Spirit, you have the opportunity to change that. Your current challenges and previous history do not dictate the future chapters or the final sentences of your life. Don’t let the enemy overwhelm or paralyze you with fear. Instead, let Jesus spark your relentless determination to firmly grasp your life’s pen to write your story of steadfast faith.

Let your life illustrate the love, hope, forgiveness, grace, and mercy of God as it unfolds on this earth and into eternity.